Watchpoints view

Each time the value of a watched variable changes, the program stops, and the variable values are displayed in the Watchpoints view.

Figure: Watchpoints View

This figure is a screenshot of the Debugger Watchpoints tab.
The identification number of the watchpoint.
Check to enable the watchpoint; uncheck to disable to watchpoint.
The variable name on which the watchpoint is set.
New Value
The new value of the watchpoint variable.
A Boolean expression can specify that the watchpoint is conditional; each time the value of the variable changes and the condition is TRUE, the program stops.
Skip Hits
Number of times the watchpoint should be ignored.
The integrated Toolbar includes options to manage watchpoints.
Delete watchpoint
Delete the selected watchpoint.
Edit watchpoint condition
Edit the condition associated with the watchpoint.
Remove watchpoint condition
Removes the condition associated with the watchpoint.
Delete all watchpoints
Removes all watchpoints.
Disable all watchpoints
Disables all watchpoints.