Database Generation Script dialog

Generate a 4gl source file to create or update the database that is described in the meta-schema file.

Figure: Database Generation Script dialog

This figure is a screenshot of the Database Generation Script dialog.
Database schema
Name of selected meta-schema file.
Target database
Specify the database to use in the script.
Generate primary keys, secondary keys, indexes
Specify whether to include primary keys, secondary keys, and indexes in the script.
Use national char types
By default, the database creation / update scripts will generate column using standard char types. If this option is set, the scripts will produce columns using national char types. For example, with an Oracle® database, the column types will be CHAR or VARCHAR2 when the option is not selected, and NCHAR, NVARCHAR2 when the option is selected.
Populate database with sample data
Add statements in the script to add sample data to the database.

This sample data comes from the Studio Libraries. If populating the database does not work (for example, you might have changed to an older version of FGL), try recompiling the Studio Libraries.

Drop backup tables
The database creation / update scripts will create backup tables for tables updated by the script. If this option is set, the backup tables are deleted when the script has finished executing and the tables are updated.