BDL schema file (sch)

Genero BDL sch files contain definitions of the database tables and columns.

This sch file is automatically created when you compile a Genero Studio meta-schema file, or you can import an existing one using the Database > Import SCH file menu option.

Importing an existing Genero BDL column definition file (sch), converts the format to a Genero Studio meta-schema file (4db). You are prompted for the meta-schema name and path.

When the sch file is used

The BDL sch file is used when a Genero BDL module (4gl file) is compiled. If you compile a BDL module/program from the command line, you must have a copy of the sch file in the same directory or set FGLDBPATH environment variable specifying the directory in which the sch files can be found.