Execute a query

Executing your query is the last step to viewing or modifying the data.

When you execute your query, it will either be successful or it will have a query execution error.

DB Explorer will always work with the actual database structure. You may have made changes to the tables and column definitions in the database meta-schema file (.4db), but if those changes are not made to the actual database, they are ignored by DB Explorer. Conversely, if changes are made to the underlying database structure (through the use of DDL or another database tool), the meta-schema file (.4db) must be manually updated using the Database > Update Schema menu option.

Successful execution of the query

If the query is a SELECT statement, and it is successful, the results appear in DB Explorer. The complete SQL query is written to the Output view.

If the query is an INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE statement, and it is successful, you receive no visual confirmation. The complete SQL query, however, is written to the Output view.

Query execution error

When you have a SQL error, a message displays in a pop-up window. This message provides you with the error message being returned by the database, along with a message ID.

The error message, including the complete SQL query, are also written to the Output view.