Remote environment software requirements

Install the Genero components on the different machines.

Important: The versions of Genero Studio and Genero Studio Server must match.

On the server(s)

  • Installed Genero Studio Server (plus server-side tools provided as part of the Genero Suite Server package).
  • Installed relational database (Informix┬«, Oracle┬«, etc.) and its corresponding client (CSDK, Oracle Client, etc.); or Database Client on this server and the corresponding Database on a different remote server.
  • SSH server (if using the recommended SSH connections).
  • Samba/NFS mounts, if you are connecting to remote files using mount points

On the client

  • Genero Studio
  • Installed Genero Desktop Client

Each database software has its own client character set configuration. You must properly configure the database client locale in order to send/receive data to the database server, according to the locale used by your application. See Localization: Database Client Settings in the Genero Business Development Language User Guide