GST 2.41 upgrade guide

Review when migrating to Genero Studio 2.41.


This is an incremental upgrade guide that covers only topics related to the Genero Studio version specified in the page title. Check prior upgrade guides if you migrate from an earlier version. Make sure to also read about the new features for this version.


This version of GST is desupported, use a more recent version of the product.

Corresponding new features page: GST 2.41 new features.

Application Generator

  • New default Database Applications template, dbapp2.0
  • If you already have a BAM project, you should change the current template used to the environment set for the new template. See Environment sets.
  • dbapp2.0 includes new build.rules file for dedicating a set of build rules to a template.
  • The dbapp template in Genero Studio 2.40 was renamed in Genero Studio 2.41 to dbapp1.0. The dbapp template set is the same template set as dbapp1.0.