Compiler / Runtime configuration

The Genero Installation combobox identifies the compiler and runtime version of Genero that will be used by Genero Studio.

From the Genero Configuration Management dialog, you can select a Genero Installation from the provided combobox.

To view or edit the details of the Genero Installations, click on the edit icon next to the Genero Installation combobox. This launches the Genero Install Management Dialog.

The Genero Install Management Dialog

To view or edit a specific Genero install, select the name of a Genero Installation from the list. Using the provided icons, you can also create a copy of an existing Genero install, add a new Genero install, or delete an existing Genero install.

A Genero install is comprised of three items:
The installation directory of the Genero BDL software.
FGL runner
The name of the Genero executable. (For example, fglrun or fglrun.exe)
FGL options
Options given to the FGL runner when an application is launched.
After making changes to any of these three items, click Check Installation to validate the settings.