Detect deprecated features rules

The deprecated features rules reviews the source code in your project to detects deprecated code.

The ruleId

The ruleId is deprecated.


The options available for the detect deprecated features rules are:
  • .enabled specifies whether a rule is enabled. Valid values are true or false.
  • .severity specifies the severity level. Valid values are error, info, or warning (default).
    Warning: If the severity is set to error, the compilation will fail if the rule is broken.
  • .FGLImports is a comma-separated value list.
  • .functions is a comma-separated value list.
  • .frontcalls is a comma-separated value list, where each value must be fomatted as object.function (e.g., WINCOM.CallMethod).
  • .comWebServiceEngineOptions is a comma-separated value list.

For a list of valid FGLImport, function, frontCall, and comWebServiceEngineOptions entries, refer to the default.gslint file as defined by the GSLINTRULES environment variable.


To check for deprecated features, and to output a warning if a deprecated feature is found, specify these rules:

deprecated.enabled = true
deprecated.severity = warning
deprecated.FGLImports = fglwinexec
deprecated.functions = winexec, winexecwait, winopendir, winopenfile, winsavefile, winshellexec,
 base.TypeInfo.describe, db_get_database_type, fgl_formfield_getoption, fgl_getuitype, fgl_window_open,
 fgl_window_openwithform, fgl_window_clear, fgl_window_close, fgl_window_current
deprecated.frontCalls = standard.setWebComponentPath, WINCOM.CallMethod, WINCOM.CreateInstance,
 WINCOM.GetError, WINCOM.GetProperty, WINCOM.ReleaseInstance, WINCOM.SetProperty, WINDDE.DDEConnect,
 WINDDE.DDEPoke, WinMail.AddAttachment, WinMail.AddBCC, WinMail.AddCC, WinMail.AddTo,
 WinMail.Close, WinMail.GetError, WinMail.Init, WinMail.SendMailMAPI, WinMail.SendMailSMTP,
 WinMail.SetBody, WinMail.SetFrom, WinMail.SetSmtp, WinMail.SetSubject
deprecated.comWebServiceEngineOptions = http_invoketimeout, tcp_connectiontimeout