The various setups of a Genero Studio installation

You can override the factory setup of Genero Studio at a global level or with a template-specific setup.

Factory setup

Factory setup is the standard installation.

Global setup

The global setup overrides the factory setup. It applies to all configurations for the current user for the Genero Studio installation on the current machine or remote machine.

Tools > Global setup menu option allows you to customize the global setup. You can customize the file associations, build rules, and package rules.

Specific setup

A specific setup is a GST specific setup. It is for the current user, and for a selected GST setup directory. Use this option to override the global setup.

The Tools > Specific setup menu option allows you to customize the specific setup.

The GSTSETUPDIR environment variable, set in the Genero configuration, defines the GST setup directory. If this environment variable is not set, or not specified for the current configuration, the specific setup options are disabled.

To quickly identify the setup directory for your current Genero Studio configuration, select Tools > Specific setup > Locate setup directory. The directory defined by GSTSETUPDIR is highlighted in the File Browser (the Files view).