Group capture in regular expressions

When the Use Regular Expressions option is checked, group capture allows you to isolate groups in the expression to be matched, so they can be captured and substituted during the replacement.

Given this expression in your document:

You can transform this express to these patterns using group capturing: (4+5)*(6+88) and (22+4)*555.

In the first expression there are four groups. First you must capture the individual groups in the expression by enclosing them in parenthesis. Specify that the characters are integers using the regular expression [0-9]+ (one or more integers). Use the escape character \ to indicate that the * and + symbols are literal and not meta characters.

Find text: ([0-9]+)\+([0-9]+)\*([0-9]+)\+([0-9]+)

Replace expression indicating the desired pattern and the positions of the groups (numbered from left to right): (\1+\2)*(\3+\4)

Result: (4+5)*(6+88)