Code Structure view

If the file being edited is a Genero source code file (4gl), its structure is displayed in a tree.

Figure: Code Structure view

The view is organized by folders.
Table 1. Code Structure view folders
Folder Description
TODOS Comments in the source code that start with --TODO:.
Figure: Example of a TODO

BUGS Comments in the source code that start with --BUG:.
SQL The program blocks and functions, together with their variables.
MODULE Prepared SQL statement and cursor names.
GLOBALS Global variables, including records
EXTERNALS Functions from another 4gl file that are called in the active file

Click an object in the tree to display the corresponding lines in the Document window.


A lock icon signifies that a function or variable is private.

The functions listed in the structure are automatically displayed in alphabetical order. To display the functions in the order in which they appear in the file, right-click in the Code Structure view and select Sort by File Order.

Sort by File Order is a toggle switch. When the icon is highlighted, the functions are sorted by file order. When the icon is not highlighted, the functions are sorted in alphabetical order.