Add a record in a Business Record diagram

To include more data in your Business Record diagram, you can add more records.

You have several options for adding a record to a Business Record diagram. It is recommended that you read through these options in order to best select the method to achieve your goals.

Using the New Record wizard (reports and web services)

To build a new record using a wizard, select Records > Datacontrol. This opens the New Record Wizard, which guides you through the process of selecting tables and columns, and defining how the tables are joined and ordered.


The New Record Wizard is not available in Business Records for forms.

Adding a container to a form

To add a new record to a form, select the Form tab and select Container > DataControl. This opens the Data Control wizard. From the wizard, select the data field or fields and the container to place on the form. Select the Records tab to see the new record in the Business Record diagram.

Starting with a new, empty record

To hand-build a new record, right-click within the diagram and select Add Record. This creates a new, empty record. Upon creation, the record name is presented in edit mode. You can enter in the new name for the record.

Before leaving the edit mode of the field, press the Tab key to create the first field in the record.

Grabbing from the schema

To create a record based on all columns in a table, drag a table from the DB Schema view and drop it on the Business Record diagram. A new record is created, with a field created for each column in the table.

To create a record based on specific fields from the schema, select the columns from the DB Schema view. You can hold the CTRL or SHIFT key to select more than one column. After selecting the columns, drag-and-drop the columns onto the Business Record diagram. A new record is created, with each column included as a field.


To auto-arrange the layout of the records in a Business Record diagram, right-click anywhere in the diagram and select Layout Diagram.