The File element defines the file type. Add one File element for each new file type.




Table 1. File element attributes
Attribute Options
extension File extension.
isManaged For <File> elements that are children of <Form> and <Database> elements only.

Set to true or false; default is false.

Set to true if the type corresponds to managed form (to generate application code using records features like queries). If managed, the records in the form are enabled by default, otherwise they cannot be used for Application Modeling.

orderRecords For <File> elements that are children of <BusinessRecord> or <Form> elements.

Set to true or false; default is false.

Set to true to enable record ordering. For more information, see Order records in the Business Records diagram.

Child elements

The File element may contain the following child elements:

  1. One or more DynamicProperty and DynamicPropertyGroup elements, within one DynamicProperties element.
  2. One or more Item elements, within one Items element.

Example - File elements representing a file type.

    <File extension="4fdm" isManaged="true">
        <DynamicProperty name="foreignFields"  type="FIELDS"  
          label="foreignFields" initialValue="" 
          editorInfo="isDynamic:true" dynamicContent="srcFieldsContent"/>
        <DynamicProperty name="primaryFields"  type="FIELDS"  
          label="primaryFields" initialValue="" 
          editorInfo="isDynamic:true" dynamicContent="dstFieldsContent"/>
        <DynamicPropertyGroup name="relations"     
          description="Relation properties group" 
        <DynamicProperty name="canSearch"      type="BOOLEAN" 
          label="canSearch"     initialValue="true" 
          description="Allow search using Query By Example"/>
        <DynamicProperty name="canAdd"         type="BOOLEAN" 
          label="canAdd"        initialValue="true" 
          description="Allow adding items"/>
        <DynamicProperty name="canModify"      type="BOOLEAN" 
          label="canModify"     initialValue="true" 
          description="Allow modifying existing items"/>
        <DynamicProperty name="canDelete"      type="BOOLEAN" 
          label="canDelete"     initialValue="true" 
          description="Allow deleting items"/>
        <DynamicPropertyGroup name="functionality" 
          description="Functionality properties group" 
        <Item nodeName="Relation" srcProperty="foreignFields" 
        <Item nodeName="Record"