Configuring XMP metadata processing for images

The orientation and resolution of an Image Box may be determined by the XMP metadata of the referenced image file.

By default, the Image Box uses the orientation data of the referenced image, but does not use its resolution data. To change these defaults, use the fgl_report_setRenderingHints function with the processXMPOrientation and processXMPResolution hints.

Typically, digital cameras and smartphones store the orientation of an image as an attribute in the file. By default, processXMPOrientation is set to TRUE and Genero Studio processes this attribute. However, this behavior is a change from previous versions, so some images may appear rotated. To switch off XMP orientation processing, set processXMPOrientation to FALSE.

Some image files contain metadata about the resolution for the image in DPI or DPCM. By default, processXMPResolution is set to FALSE and this metadata is not processed. To switch on XMP resolution processing, set processXMPResolution to TRUE. The metadata is then the default value for the Intended Resolution property of the Image Box. The image is displayed with a size, independent of pixels or screen resolution. For example, if the image is 1200 x 800 pixels with a resolution property of 300 DPI, the report displays the image as 4 inch by 2.6 inches on all screens, regardless of resolution.