Sub reports

You can include one or more reports inside another report.

With sub reports, you can maximize the reuse of reports in the Genero BDL application, reuse report designs, and break apart complex designs into smaller reusable parts.

Sub reports can be included in the following ways:

  • Linked reports are inserted into the master report, but the report design document (.4rp) files are maintained as separate files. The sub reports are combined into the master report at runtime.
  • Inline reports are embedded into the master report. All report design is maintained in one report design document (.4rp) file.

Developing sub reports

Implementing a sub report requires you to work with both the Genero application source code and the Genero report design documents.

In the BDL code, a sub report call is detected when a START REPORT instruction is found within another report's REPORT block. The report containing the START REPORT instruction is the master report. The called report is the sub report.

In the report design document, the selected data schema includes sub report triggers.