Rotating PDF report pages

Pages can be rotated in reports that will be output as PDF. For example, the main pages of the report can be in the A4-portrait format, and a page containing a technical drawing can be in the A4-landscape format.

A page appears rotated in the PDF output if:

  • The property Transform Transparently is set to true in the page root element.
  • The value of the Layout Direction property implies a rotation from the default of topToBottom. For example:
    • To turn a page 90 degrees to the right, set Layout Direction to rightToLeft.
    • To turn a page 90 degrees to the left, set Layout Direction to leftToRight and Swap X to true.
Note: Previous to GST 4.00, PDF pages could not rotate. If required, you can revert to the previous behavior by using the fgl_report_setRenderingHints function to set the pdfPreventPageRotation rendering hint to true:
DEFINE renderingHints om.SaxAttributes
LET renderingHints=om.SaxAttributes.create()
CALL renderingHints.addAttribute("pdfPreventPageRotation","true")
CALL fgl_report_setRenderingHints(renderingHints)