Create an Excel spreadsheet report

Set up and configure output to Microsoft® Excel™ from your reporting application. This option is useful if you want to perform custom calculations in Excel.

Note: Excel reports, as output from Genero Report Writer, do not print at high quality. If you require high-fidelity printing, use one of the other output options, such as SVG.

Use fgl_report_selectDevice("XLS") or fgl_report_selectDevice("XLSX") to output the data to an Excel spreadsheet. Configure the report output using fgl_report_configureXLSDevice or fgl_report_configureXLSXDevice.

To configure cell merging, use fgl_report_setXLSMergeCells or fgl_report_setXLSXMergeCells.

Borders are taken into account in the Excel output, but are disabled by default. To enable borders, use fgl_report_setXLSHandleBorders or fgl_report_setXLSXHandleBorders.


 # Merge pages
 IF fgl_report_loadCurrentSettings(reportname) THEN
     CALL fgl_report_configureXLSXDevice(NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,TRUE) 
     CALL fgl_report_selectDevice("XLSX") 
     LET HANDLER = fgl_report_commitCurrentSettings()

Optimizing report design document for Excel

Any report design document (.4rp) can be output to Excel. However, the following guidelines may be useful:

  • Tables provide the best results for mapping to Excel.
  • Avoid overlapping report elements, because they will produce images in Excel.
  • Some borders, rulers, and background coloring don't map well to Excel.