Specify the variables for printers that support Printer Job Language (PJL).


   values om.SaxAttributes STRING )
  1. values - Attribute set containing the key/value pairs.


Use this function to configure your printer for server-side silent printing on network Postscript printers that support PJL.


String values must be specified using double quotes, for example, "quoted string".


This sample code sets the PJL variables BINDING and OUTBIN, and also sets the printer name:

DEFINE pjlSet om.SaxAttributes
LET pjlSet=om.SaxAttributes.create()
CALL pjlSet.addAttribute("BINDING","SHORTEDGE")
CALL pjlSet.addAttribute("OUTBIN","UPPER")

CALL fgl_report_setPrinterPJLVariables(pjlSet)

CALL fgl_report_setPrinterName("pjl:")

For an example of Genero code using a reporting function, see Using report output functions. This example may not use the specific function discussed in this topic, however it provides details on where you would place this (and other) report output functions.