Specify the total number of media sheets.


   jobMediaSheets INTEGER )
  1. jobMediaSheets INTEGER - number of sheets


Function to specify the total number of media sheets.

Specifies the total number of media sheets to be produced for this job. The jobMediaSheets attribute describes the size of the job. This attribute is not intended to be a counter; it is intended to be useful routing and scheduling information. The printer may try to compute the attribute's value if it is not supplied. Even if a value is supplied, the printer may choose to change the value if the printer is able to compute a value that is more accurate than the supplied value. The printer may be able to determine the correct value for the jobMediaSheets attribute right at job submission or at a later time. The value must include the multiplicative factors contributed by the number of copies, specified by the fgl_report_setPrintercopies function.

By default, this is not set. Setting this option reduces the set of usable printers to those matching it.

For an example of Genero code using a reporting function, see Using report output functions. This example may not use the specific function discussed in this topic, however it provides details on where you would place this (and other) report output functions.