Configures the mapping of logical pages to physical pages.


   pageMapping STRING)
  1. pageMapping - one of: oneToOne|labels|multipage


Function that configures the mapping from logical pages (page dimensions in the 4rp file) to physical pages (actual page dimensions on the device).

Table 1. Mapping options
Mapping Option Description
oneToOne The logical and physical pages are identical. Default value.
labels For label printing it is advisable to design one label rather than creating a fixed n x m layout. Such a layout can be printed on an arbitrary physical n x m layout as long as the physical labels have at least the size of the logical labels. The physical dimensions of the layout must be configured using the function fgl_report_configureLabelOutput and fgl_report_setPaperMargins. The margins within a label can be configured by calling fgl_report_setPageMargins.
multipage For ISO and JIS sized pages it is possible to print several pages per page. This is achieved by setting the mapping to this value and calling the function fgl_report_configureMultipageOutput to configure the required number of pages.

For an example of Genero code using a reporting function, see Using report output functions. This example may not use the specific function discussed in this topic, however it provides details on where you would place this (and other) report output functions.