Function that loads a 4rp file and configures the report engine to execute the report.


fgl_report_loadAndCommit (
   reportFileName STRING)
  RETURNS handler om.SaxDocumentHandler
  1. reportFileName - Name of the 4rp report file to process (extract the settings information). The settings are made using the Configuration menu of the Report Design page. If a relative path is specified, then it is first converted to an absolute path against the current working directory, then against FGLRESOURCEPATH, and finally against DBPATH.

    The value denotes a path on the machine where the Genero Report Engine is running. In the case of distributed processing, this may be a different machine than the machine running the dynamic virtual machine (DVM). When running a legacy Genero BDL report using Report Writer, the reportFileName should be NULL.

    This indicates the ASCII output from the BDL file is to be written to the "SVG" device in preview mode.

  2. handler - NULL if an error occurred.


Use this function when no change of the default settings of the specified report is required.

This function is a convenience function, replacing the need to call both a load function and a commit function.

CALL fgl_report_loadCurrentSettings(reportFileName)
CALL fgl_report_commitCurrentSettings()