Returns the path to a resource searching first the working directory, then FGLRESOURCEPATH, and finally DBPATH. This function is deprecated.


The function is deprecated, as it does not work in distributed mode. The function fgl_report_loadCurrentSettings now searches the path variables, making this function obsolete.


  reportName STRING )
  1. reportName - Specify the name of the report.


The function returns the absolute path to the resource specified in the argument. If a file cannot be found, the function returns the argument passed.

The function is typically used in conjunction with the function fgl_report_loadCurrentSettings() as in this example:
IF fgl_report_loadCurrentSettings(fgl_report_findResourcePath("OrderReport.4rp")) 

Assuming FGLRESOURCEPATH is set to /home/fjs/reports/lists:/home/fjs/correspondence and the report OrderReport.4rp is located at /home/fjs/correspondence/OrderReport.4rp, that report will be loaded.

For an example of Genero code using a reporting function, see Using report output functions. This example may not use the specific function discussed in this topic, however it provides details on where you would place this (and other) report output functions.

The FGLRESOURCEPATH and DBPATH environment variables were introduced with Genero BDL. Refer to Genero Business Development Language User Guide for additional information regarding these environment variables.