Configure the image output.


fgl_report_configureImageDevice (
   antialiasFonts BOOLEAN,
   antialiasShapes BOOLEAN,
   monochrome BOOLEAN,
   fromPage INTEGER,
   toPage INTEGER,
   fileType STRING,
   filePath STRING,
   fileNamePrefix STRING,
   resolution INTEGER)
  1. antialiasFonts - Configures whether fonts are rendered using antialiasing. The default value is TRUE.

    To specify a BOOLEAN value, enter TRUE or FALSE without quotation marks.

  2. antialiasShapes - Configures whether shapes are rendered using antialiasing. The default value is TRUE.
  3. monochrome - Configures whether color values are converted to monochrome output. The default value is TRUE.
  4. fromPage - Selects the lower bound of the range of pages to create images for. The default value is 1.
  5. toPage - Selects the upper bound of the range of pages to create images for. By default, images are created for all pages.
  6. fileType - One of jpg|png|bmp|gif. The default value is jpg.
  7. filePath - Path of the target directory where the images are created. If the specified path is relative, the GREOUTPUTDIR environment variable determines the full path. The default file path is the value of the GREOUTPUTDIR environment variable, or the current working directory of the report engine if GREOUTPUTDIR isn't set.
  8. fileNamePrefix - Name prefix of the generated files. For example, setting namePrefix to Chart causes the creation of files called Chart0001, Chart0002, and so on. The default value is "Image".
  9. resolution - Controls the resolution used for creating the images. If the image is later viewed unscaled on a device with the specified resolution, all items have their correct metric length. Beware that high values may require enormous amounts of memory and the resulting files may become very large. The formula for calculating the memory consumption in bytes is resolution_in_dpi_x * page_width_in_inches * resolution_in_dpi_y * page_height_in_inches * 3byte for a color image. For a page of format "letter" at 96 DPI we therefore get 96DPI*8.5"*96DPI*11"*3byte=2.6 MB. At 300 DPI, this is 25 MB (color) and 8 MB (grayscale). The renderer currently requires the entire page to be in memory. The default value is 96.


This function is applicable when image output has been selected by a call to the function fgl_report_selectDevice.

All arguments to this function are optional; pass a value of NULL if you don't want to set a value.

For an example of Genero code using a reporting function, see Using report output functions. This example may not use the specific function discussed in this topic, however it provides details on where you would place this (and other) report output functions.