Genero Report Viewer for HTML5

If you choose Genero Report Viewer as the output format and Preview as the action, and you are running the Genero Browser Client (GBC), the report displays in your Web browser using the Genero Report Viewer for HTML5.


The Save On Disk action is not available for the Genero Report Viewer output format on GBC.

Genero Report Viewer for HTML5 is a lightweight report viewer based on pure HTML5 and JavaScript technologies. It is optimized for low bandwidth and slow networks. The rendering is pixel-exact. Fonts are optimized, including good performance for Asian fonts. In terms of performance, it allows streaming and can display pages immediately as they become available. It fetches only what is necessary. The reports are static files and, as such, can be viewed at any time by sharing the relevant URLs.

Figure: Genero Report Viewer

This figure is a screen shot of the Genero Report Viewer for HTML5.

In addition to displaying the report, the report viewer provides navigation options. It supports direct navigation to a specific page. The Print icon prepares the report in a single HTML page that you can then print using your browser's print functionality.