Create a report program

With Genero Report Writer, you create the code to fetch and stream the data to the Genero Report Engine and to select the report design document. The code also influences the report output, overriding default output settings or output settings specified in the report design document.

The data source defines the data to be streamed to the report engine. If your data is in a relational database that can be queried using SQL, it is recommended that you generate the data source in Genero Report Writer using the Business Application Modeler (BAM). In other cases, you may need to use existing data sources or to write your own data sources from scratch. For example, your data might exist on the Web or in memory. You can use Genero Report Writer to handle these manually-created data sources.

Once defined, a data source can be integrated into the code of your existing applications, or it can be included in a new custom reporting application. The use of the Genero Report Writer APIs allow further control over the processing of the reports.