View report in a browser

Display a report in a browser using Genero Report Viewer for HTML5.

Set the output device to "Browser":
CALL fgl_report_selectDevice("Browser");

Launch the browser using the fgl_report_getBrowserURL() function. For example:

IF outputformat=="Browser" AND preview
          CALL ui.Interface.frontCall( "standard", "launchurl", [fgl_report_getBrowserURL()], [] )    

When you select Browser as the output for your report, the report files are written to the document directory.

Setting the browser directories

The browser directory and URL, and the font directory and URL, are automatically set. However, you can change these values if required. For example:
LET uuid=security.RandomGenerator.CreateUUIDString()
CALL fgl_report_setBrowserDocumentDirectory(fgl_getenv("GRE_PRIVATE_DIR")||"/"||uuid)
CALL fgl_report_setBrowserFontDirectory(fgl_getenv("GRE_PRIVATE_DIR"))
CALL fgl_report_setBrowserDocumentDirectoryURL(fgl_getenv("GRE_PRIVATE_URL_PREFIX")||"/"||uuid)
CALL fgl_report_setBrowserFontDirectoryURL(fgl_getenv("GRE_PRIVATE_URL_PREFIX"))

IF preview THEN
  CALL ui.Interface.frontCall( "standard", "launchurl", [fgl_getenv("GRE_REPORT_VIEWER_URL_PREFIX")
||"/viewer.html?reportId="||uuid||"&privateUrlPrefix="||fgl_getenv("GRE_PRIVATE_URL_PREFIX")], [] )

To use the viewer.html file residing on the FGL/GAS Server, use the GRE_REPORT_VIEWER_URL_PREFIX variable. To use the viewer.html file residing on the GRE Server side, use the GRE_REPORT_VIEWER_R_URL_PREFIX variable and copy the GRE/viewer directory into the GRE document root directory.

If you are using a private directory (GRE_PRIVATE_DIR and GRE_PRIVATE_URL_PREFIX), only the current session can view the report, and the report will be deleted when the session ends.

If you are using a public directory (GRE_PUBLIC_DIR and GRE_PUBLIC_URL_PREFIX), the report can be shared and bookmarked.


The environment variables GRE_PRIVATE_DIR, GRE_PRIVATE_URL_PREFIX, GRE_PUBLIC_DIR, and GRE_PRIVATE_URL_PREFIX are automatically set in the GAS. You should never explicitly set these variables in Genero Studio (GST).