Generate a data schema from a Genero BDL report program

After you write or modify a Genero report program, you must generate the data schema. This file is used by the Genero Report Designer to provide a list of data objects for use in the report design.

The data schema file is based on the REPORT statement in your Genero report application source file (.4gl). This data schema is used in the report design document (.4rd) to populate the Data View, providing details about the fields that are streamed by the application. The schema contains the list of database columns that make up your data record, as well as grouping details.

Although the data for the report originally may have come from several different data tables, the PRINT statement in your BDL REPORT program block outputs the data as part of a single record. See Writing the Genero BDL report program.

From the command line

Use the --build-rdd command-line option of the fglcomp tool to create a data schema. For example:

fglcomp --build-rdd SimpleReport.4gl

The output of this command will be SimpleReport.rdd. The data schema is stored in the same location as the application source file.


If your Genero program contains multiple application source files, run fglcomp against the file containing the REPORT program block.

From Genero Studio (GST)Genero Studio for Report Writer (GSTRW)

Add --build-rdd to the Compiler options property for your Genero source file to generate the data schema automatically each time the application is compiled. Select the source file listing in the application node of the Projects view to display its properties in the Properties view. The data schema is stored in the directory specified in the Target Directory property of the application node that contains the source file.