Output options

Various output formats are available for a report, to include SVG, PDF, and image files. The output is sent to the destination specified by the output options.

Default Output

If you don't override the default options, on report execution the user:

  • Creates an SVG report
  • Previews the Report in Genero Report Viewer (for desktop reporting applications) or Genero Report Viewer for HTML5 (for web-based reporting applications).

From the Genero Report Viewer, a user can then direct the output to a printer.

The Reporting API provides BDL functions to change the output in your BDL program by overriding the default options.

Output Options in the 4rp (Report Design Document)

You can define paper settings and output options for a report within the report design document itself. To do this, open a report in the Genero Report Designer, and select File > Report properties > Paper settings or File > Report properties > Output options. These values can be changed at runtime, using the reporting APIs.