Reporting API Functions

Genero Report Writer provides a variety of reporting API functions for use with Genero BDL applications.

The libgre.42m file (in the $GREDIR\lib directory) contains the Genero BDL functions that handle Genero Report Writer output and other features. There are mandatory functions that must be called in your Genero BDL report application, and there are optional functions that allow you to change the output format, output features, and printer features.

To include the libgre.42m functions in your application, you must do one of the following:
  • Set the Language property of the Group or Application node to Genero (no link) and include the following IMPORT FGL statements in your code:
    IMPORT FGL greruntime
    IMPORT FGL gredesigntime 

    The module libgre.42m is imported as part of the module greruntime.42m.

  • Set the Language property of the Group or Application node to Genero and add the libgre.42x library to the External dependencies property.

    This file should be listed by name only, without a path.

Error Handling

In case of an error, functions from this library will write error messages to stdout using the DISPLAY statement. The error condition is indicated by a return value.

Verbosity level

Depending on the value of the DEBUGLEVEL environment variable, some of the functions issue warnings and other useful debugging information. Any value greater than zero will cause debug output. Debug information is also output using the DISPLAY statement.