Using page numbers

Use the Page Number drawable to print page numbers on a physical page.

The Page Number drawable (PageNoBox) is a layout container that prints the page number of the physical page. It is frequently part of a page footer. The drawable prints only the page number (a numeric) by default, but you can use the Text Expression property (textExpression) to create a page number string, such as the standard "Page N of M". See Using a page number string.

Use the Page Number container properties Offset (pageNoOffset), Format (pageNoFormat), and Text Alignment (textAlignment) to format the page.

Use the Name (pageName) property if you want to reset the page number each time a specific report trigger fires. Select a Mini Page under the report trigger to use as a basis for the page number count. You can add a new Mini Page for this purpose if necessary.

Figure: Page Number Box properties

This figure shows Page Number Box properties with default settings.