Suppress (suppressRepetitions)

The Supress property specifies whether the display of an element is suppressed if there is more than one consecutive element with the same value for the Name property with an identical display value.

When Suppress is TRUE, all display activity is monitored for elements with the same Name property. The value is not displayed on the report unless:

  • The element with this value occurs for the first time.
  • The element with this value occurs for the first time on this page and the Show on New Page property is TRUE.
  • The current value differs from the previously stored value.
  • The property Parent Group is set to the name of another element, the other element has Suppress set to TRUE, and the other element did not suppress repetition on the last call.

Type: Boolean.

Default value: FALSE.

You can find the Suppress property in the Repetitions category of the Properties view.