Output Order (outputOrder)

The Output Order property specifies the order by which the data should be presented.

Specifying an output order currently limits the number of displayable aggregations to one per dimension. If more are specified, one is picked following a priority list. See Compute Totals.

When an output order is specified, you can specify a cutoff value called Top N to limit the number of items displayed.

Note: Specifying an output order may cause large latency and memory consumption on large input data.

Type: String.

The value must be an order specifier.

Default value: If you do not specify a value, or if you specify the empty set, the data is output in the order it was received.

You can find the Output Order property in the Chart category of the Properties view.


Consider a pivot table with the dimensions "country" and "region" and the measure "turnover". Specify an Output Order of -1; this creates an output in which the country with the highest turnover is listed first. Within that country, the region with the highest turnover is listed first, and within each country the individual fact rows are ordered in descending order by the turnover value.

Set Top N to 2 to limit the output to the two top countries, within each country to the two top regions, and within each region to the two highest fact rows.