Intended Resolution (intendedResolution)

The Intended Resolution property controls the mapping of image pixels to device pixels.

The intended resolution is set in Dots Per Inch (DPI).

This property is relevant only if neither X-Size nor Y-Size are set, or if Fill is set.

The width of the image is calculated using this formula:


The height of the image is calculated using this formula:


Setting the Intended Resolution avoids the problems with raster image scaling, such as the degradation in quality when the image is enlarged. On medium resolution devices, it is advisable that each pixel in the image is mapped to a pixel on the output device. For example, to print an image approximately two-inches wide on a 300 DPI printer, the image should be approximately 600 pixels wide and Intended Resolution set to 300. For higher resolution devices, an exact correspondence might result in a huge image, so it might be better to set the Intended Resolution to a value which is a fraction of the device resolution. For example, for a 1200 DPI printer, set and Intended Resolution to 300 DPI, and then each pixel is mapped to 16 device pixels.

Type: Numeric.

Default value: The current screen resolution.

You can find the Intended Resolution property in the Image category of the Properties view.