Fill (fill)

The Fill property specifies how an image is resized or clipped to fit an area.

This property is relevant when both X-Size and Y-Size are set so that the outer image bounds are defined.


The Fill property replaces the previous tile property. When a document containing the tile property is opened in version 2.4x or higher, it is automatically replaced with this property.

Type: Enum.

Valid values:

  • completely - The image expands or shrinks to fill the specified area. The aspect ratio is not respected.
  • preserveAspectRatio - The image expands or shrinks to fit the specified area. The aspect ratio is respected.
    Note: To shrink the final bounds of the box so that it has the same size as the image, set the X-Size Adjustment and Y-Size Adjustment properties to shrinktoChildren.
  • tile - The image is painted as tiles into the specified area.
  • clip - The image is painted without scaling, and clipped at the edges if it is too large to fit into the specified area.

Default value: completely

You can find the Fill property in the Image category of the Properties view.