Enum Values (enumValues)

The Enum Values property specifies an optional list of strings that represent ordinal values for a pivot table dimension.

This property is applicable only if the Numeric Column property is TRUE and if the Value property is limited to a range of integers representing a set of symbols.


Ensure the value is an integer by using the round() function on the Value property.

Type: String.

The value must be a comma-separated list. Each item is represented by its position on the list, staring at zero. So 0 represents the first value, 1 represents the second value, and so on.

This property does not have a default value.

You can find the Enum Values property in the Value category of the Properties view.


You want to be able to sort the column by months of the year ("Jan, Feb, ... Dec"). If the column is declared as a String Column containing the literal value, the sorting is alphabetical ("Apr, Aug, ... Sep"). So you create a dimension that contains the values 0 through 11, representing the months of the year (0=Jan, 1=Feb, ..., 11=Dec).

To display the months as desired, set Numeric Column to TRUE and Enum Values to:


When the dimensions are sorted (inputOrder and displaySelection differ), the months are displayed in the correct order (starting with Jan and ending with Dec).

Special characters

Spaces to the immediate left or right of a separating comma are not included in the resulting list, unless the list item is enclosed in double quotes. For example, apples, oranges , bananas has the same result as apples,oranges,bananas; while apples," oranges ", bananas maintains the spacing.

To include a comma character in a list item, enclose the item in double quotes. For example:
 "Under 10,000","10,000 to 50,000","Over 50,000"
Double quotes are included by prefixing them with another double quote. For example, to create a list displaying inches (0", 1", 2", etc.):