Display Selection (displaySelection)

The Display Selection property selects which of the declared dimensions or measures to display.

Depending on the visualization type (set by the Draw As property), it is possible that not all selected dimensions will display.

Type: String.

The value must be a column selector.

Not specifying a value is equivalent to selecting all declared dimensions. For example, given a table with three dimensions, not specifying this attribute is the equivalent of specifying a value of 0,1,2.

For dimensions, specifying an empty set will display the measures only and the grand total line.

For measures, specifying an empty set will display the dimensions, their aggregates, and the grand total line.

You can find the Display Selection property in the Chart category of the Properties view.


On a table with four dimensions, specify a value of 3,2,0 to select the last, the second last, and the first column for display.