Data Symbols per Line (dataSymbolsPerLine)

The Data Symbols per Line property specifies the number of data symbols per line.

This property is unique to the pdf-417 bar code type.

Type: Numeric.

The value must be an integer between 1 and 30. Low values cause more narrow printout with more lines. The number of lines is not allowed to exceed 90. It should be noted, that the overall required image space usually grows with lower values because there is a constant amount of organizational information which is added with each additional line. This is not generally the case, since lines have to be filled with padding so that specially with small amounts of data a larger value may actually create a larger image. If the value is not specified, the system computes a value that minimizes image space.

Fails if: Value cannot be parsed as a integer value. Value is not in the range 1...30.

Default value: A value that minimizes the overall image size.

You can find the Data Symbols per Line property in the Bar Code category of the Properties view.