Compute Totals (computeTotal)

The Compute Totals property specifies whether or not totals should be computed for a dimension.

Considerations regarding chart drawing and output sorting: When selecting a chart visualization (specified by Draw As) that displays aggregated values, aggregation must be performed on the dimensions required by the chart. Similarly, output sorting requires an aggregation function to be defined for all dimensions by which these are sorted. If more then one aggregation option is selected, the processor picks the aggregate option that is highest in the priority list:
  1. computeTotal
  2. computeAverage
  3. computeMaximum
  4. computeMinimum
  5. computeCount
  6. computeDistinctCount

Type: Boolean.

Default value: TRUE. Unlike the other aggregation options, totals are computed by default.

You can find the Compute Totals property in the Value category of the Properties view.