Code Value Expression (codeValueExpression)

The Code Value Expression property is used by the Bar Code Box to calculate a page number string using a PXML String expression.

Some enveloping machines use bar codes to collate report pages and place them into envelopes. The code value expression typically encodes the page number and the total number of pages.

If set, the value of the Code Value Expression property overrides the Code Value property. The value of Code Value is still used for measuring the required space, but if it is not set, the default size is computed from the expression.

For the OMR bar code type, use the toBinaryString() function to compute the binary representation of the value.

The code expression works similarly to the Text Expression property.

Type: PXML String Expression.

It is mandatory to set either Code Value or Code Value Expression.

You can find the Code Value Expression property in the Bar Code category of the Properties view.