Class (class)

The Class property specifies one or more classes for categorizing the report element.

Genero Report Writer uses the following classes:
  • grwTableHeader
  • grwTableRow
  • grwHeadlessTableRow
Other entries in the Class property have no effect, but can be used for categorization.

You may see other classes with a grw prefix as you create your reports; however, they are not currently being used by Genero Report Writer. They may be used in future versions, at which time you will be notified.

Type: String.

The value must be a space-separated list of identifiers.

Default value:
  • If you create a new report using the List Report template, the Table Header stripe has Class = grwTableHeader and the Table Row stripe has Class = grwTableRow. This allows you to drop elements onto the table-formatted list with the correct property settings.
  • Otherwise, this property does not have a default value.

You can find the Class property in the Object category of the Properties view.