Alignment (alignment)

The Alignment property controls the position of a report element relative to its parent container.

This property controls the X position of this report element in its parent container, unless you have set the X property explicitly.


You can also change the Alignment property from the contextual menu. Right-click on the report element, select Horizontal Position and then one of the Align options.

Type: Enum.

Valid values:

  • None - no alignment.
  • Near - shortcut for X = 0; that is, aligns closest to the origin of X within the parent container.
  • Far - shortcut for X = max, Anchor X = 1; that is, aligns the most remotely from the origin of x within the parent container.
  • Center - shortcut for X = max/2, Anchor X = 0.5; centered in the parent container.
  • Baseline - aligns with the baseline. Additional information may be provided by the Baseline Type property.

Default value: None (no alignment).

You can find the Alignment property in the Geometry category of the Properties view.