Y-Size (Y-Size)

The Y-Size property defines the size of the container along the Y axis.

If the Layout Direction is vertical (for example, the default topToBottom), the Y-Size property defines the height; otherwise the Y-Size property defines the width.

To preserve the aspect ratio of an image, set the value of either X-Size or Y-Size, and allow Report Writer to calculate the corresponding value. If you set both properties, the resulting image appears distorted.

Do not set a value for this property in WordWrapBoxes, because the element should typically grow based on its content.

To define the Y-Size dynamically, use the PXML variables max, min, and rest. See PXML variables.

If you want a box to have the same Y-axis size as its parent, set Y-Size to max. See Modify the sizing policy of containers.

To ensure that part of the report starts on an odd page, set Y-Size to oddPhysicalPage()?0:max. See Start on an odd or even page.

Type: Measure of distance.

Default value: Calculated after the node has completed child alignment. The value is set to the smallest possible value that encloses all children without clipping any of them.

You can find the Y-Size property in the Geometry category of the Properties view.