Specify the paper settings of a report

Paper settings set the paper orientation, the page size format, and the report margins for a report.

Each report defines these paper settings:

Select Portrait or Landscape as the layout for the report.
Specify whether to use centimeters or inches when defining the page size and margins for a report.
Page Size Format
Set the page size using either Standard sizes or Custom sizes. With standard, select the desired standard size from the list provided in the combobox. For custom, specify the height and width of the report.
Each page has four margins: top, bottom, left, right.

Paper settings order of precedence

The following areas determine the paper settings for a report, listed here in the order of precedence:
  1. In the report application using reporting APIs.
  2. In the report design document (.4rp).
  3. GRW default values.

Set paper settings using the reporting APIs

A report application can use the reporting APIs to override the paper settings for an individual report. For Genero BDL applications, see Change paper settings and output format.

Set paper settings for a report design document (.4rp)

The Genero Report Writer preferences specify the initial paper settings for a new report.

To change the paper settings of the open report, select File > Report properties > Paper Settings.


To set the paper settings to the current values in the Paper Settings Configuration of the local Genero Report Writer, click Load from Default.

Set paper setting preferences for GRW

The Paper Settings Configuration page sets the default paper settings for all new reports.

To change the paper settings of for all subsequent reports, select Tools > Preferences (or, if you are on a Mac, > Preferences), then Report Writer > Paper Settings.


To set the paper settings to the installation default values, click Load from Default.

When created, the paper settings for a report are stored as part of the report design document (.4rp). Changes to the Paper Settings Configuration have no effect on existing reports.