Pivot Table

The PIVOTTABLE element is the enclosing element of an abstract pivot dataset that can be used for creating a variety of multidimensional outputs such as tables and charts.

Pivot Table is found in the Business Graphs group in the Tool Box view.

The resulting data is drawn into a box defined by X-Size and Y-Size. If these are not defined, the view expands to whatever space it can claim in the parent.

The PIVOTTABLE element is part of the Business Graphs group in the Report Designer Tool Box.

Depending on the visualization type (specified by the drawAs property), the output may span several pages. For these visualization types (such at Tables), the enclosing containers should support propagation.


Select the object on the Report Design page to display its properties in the Properties View. You can change the object's default appearance by setting the values of its properties.

In addition to the attributes available for LAYOUTNODE, the PIVOTTABLE element includes the following properties: