Paragraph and Paragraph Text

The Paragraph and Paragraph Text elements allow you to include text in the report. They are usually used to include text with formatting that cannot be displayed in a Word Box or Word Wrap Box. For example, you can display the content using multiple fonts and colors, or insert images and barcodes.


For text without complex formatting, consider using a Word Wrap Box instead. For information about when to use elements, see Choose report elements.


Paragraph (Paragraph type) is a composed container, found in the Composed Containers group in the Tool Box view.

Use this element to include one or more Paragraph Text elements. The material is arranged horizontally, and a new line is started if the paragraph width is exceeded. The Alignment property in the Text category specifies the horizontal adjustment of these lines.

The Hang property is specific to Paragraph. The Indent and Hang properties are mutually exclusive. If both are specified, Indent takes priority and Hang is ignored.

Paragraph Text

Paragraph Text (Text type) can be used only as a child of the Paragraph. The text is printed in the flow of the paragraph. If the text reaches the end of the line, it breaks and continues on the next line.

The Paragraph Text element has the same properties as the Word Box. The text property specifies the string to be displayed. The localizeText property enables the localization of content. The richText property enables rich text formatting of the content.


To start a new line, insert a Break element between Paragraph Text objects.