Map Chart

The Map Chart layout object allows you to create a graph that has one set for values to be mapped, grouped together by a specific key.

Map Chart (Mapchart type) is a layout container, found in the Business Graphs group in the Tool Box view.

The Map Chart layout object is defined by the MapChartDrawAs class.

The MAPCHART element defines the header for an abstract map dataset that can be used for creating a variety of one dimensional graphs such as pie charts. The map items are defined using the ITEM element. The resulting chart is drawn automatically. See Working with Business Graphs for additional information.


Select the object on the Report Design page to display its properties in the Properties View. You can change the object's default appearance by setting the values of its properties.

title, valuesTitle, keysTitle, drawAs, fidelity, drawLegend, drawLabels

Table 1 shows valid values for drawAs for the map chart. The default is a Pie.
Table 1. Map Chart DrawAs values

You can also specify that the map chart displays as a table by setting drawAs to Table, SortedTable, or AggregatedTable.

The fidelity property applies only if the chart is drawn as a table.

The drawLegend and drawLabels properties have been added to customize the appearance of the plots.


When several similar charts are drawn next to each other, set Draw Legend to FALSE on all charts except one. The charts now appear to be sharing the same legend.