Date Format Box

The Date Format Box is a layout object for the display of dates.

For information about when to use elements, see Choose report elements.

Date Format Box (DateFormatBox type) is a layout container, found in the Drawables group in the Tool Box view.

If you drag an object of type Date from the Data View to the report design document, a Date Format Box is created.


Select the object on the Report Design page to display its properties in the Properties view.

The Value property specifies the value to display. It is expected to be in ISO format (YYYY-MM-DD). To specify a field from the Data View, you must:
  • Use the locale and formatting-independent representation of the value of the variable by adding .isoValue to the variable name.
  • Convert the variable using the fromIsoValue() method from the Date class.
For example:

The Value property can also be edited directly by double-clicking the object in the report design document.

The Format property is optional. If Format is not specified, the format is determined by the DBDATE environment variable. If DBDATE is not set, the default format dd/mm/yyyy is used.