Bar Code Boxes

The Bar Codes section of the Toolbox contains the Bar Code Boxes for the various types of bar codes, such as UPC-A and Code-39.

Bar Code Box

The Bar Code Box (BarCodeBox type) is a layout container, found in the Bar Codes group in the Tool Box view. Use this object for bar codes, for example:

Figure: Sample Bar Code

This figure is a screenshot of a sample bar code.

The currently supported types are listed in the topic Bar Code type listing. For licensing reasons, it may be necessary for the user to supply the fonts required to draw the text for some types of bar code.

Bar codes are drawn in nominal sizes. By setting the scaleX and scaleY properties it is possible to draw larger or smaller versions. It is further possible to force a particular width and/or length but specifying the desired extend value.

Specific functions are available to allow you to calculate an expression for the page number such as Page N of M, using the property codeValueExpression.


Select the object on the Report Design page to display its properties in the Properties View. You can change the object's default appearance by setting the values of its properties.

These properties are specific to Bar Code Box:

codeType, codeValue, codeValueExpression, check, fidelity, noText, noDigits, noCheckDigits, thinToThickRelation, thinToGapRelation, controlCharacters

Additional properties are inherited from Layout Node, and specific bar codes may have unique properties.