The code-BCD-matrix bar code type is a compact version of 2-5 bar codes.

The code represents a decimal number with a variable number of digits. The number of digits can be specified by setting the noDigits attribute. The last digit is the check character. The check character is calculated the same way as the ean 13 check sum.

The rightmost digit (checksum digit) can be omitted. When the system is supplied with a value that is one digit shorter than specified by noDigits then the check digit is automatically calculated by the system.

The nominal height is 1in. Digits can differ in width so that two different values having the same number of digits can result in bar codes of differing width. The nominal width of a thin bar is THINBARWIDTH=0.0236in. The width of a thick bar is THICKBARWIDTH=THINBARWIDTH/ thinToThickRelation where thinToThickRelation should take values between1/3 and1/2. Between digits a gap of width GAPWIDTH=THINBARWIDTH/ thinToGapRelation is drawn. The default relation value is 1. The padding on both sides measures 10*THINBARWIDTH.