RTL Classes Overview

The Report Template Language (RTL) contains object classes for each type of report item property.

The type of each property is indicated in the Properties page. The methods of these classes may be used in RTL Expressions to define a property value.

Table 1. RTL Classes
Class Description
Boolean Contains methods used for all logical TRUE/FALSE operations.
Calendar Contains methods for converting between a specific date and a set of calendar fields such as Year, Month, Day of Month, or Hour.
Color Contains methods and static member variables related to color.
Date Provides methods for date formatting and parsing.
Enum A set of classes, consisting of a class for each property of this type; each class contains static member variables that provide a list of valid values for the corresponding property.
FGLNumericVariable For every Genero numeric variable (INTEGER, SMALLINT, FLOAT, SMALLFLOAT, DECIMAL and MONEY) of report data, an object is created that is an instance of an FGLNumericVariable. These objects hold the value of the FGL variable.
FGLStringVariable For every CHAR, VARCHAR, STRING, TEXT, DATE, DATETIME and INTERVAL Genero variable of report data, an object is created that is an instance of an FGLStringVariable. These objects hold the value of the Genero variable.
Numeric Contains methods used for all numeric operations. The class has the precision of a double and the arithmetic operators are defined for objects of this type.
Runtime Provides functions that simplify the creation of dynamic designs that change behavior based on the runtime setup.
String Contains methods for working with text.
Util Contains methods for determining if files and URLs can be read.